The Forbidden UFO Video

Unfortunately, Alison’s youtube account has been suspended temporarily due to some unresolved matters you may have read about. But fortunately, this superb stabilized video of what I believe to be an authentic video capture of an entity still exists. These were my remarks from my original post with the time stops on the video to watch for:

Looks like things are really getting exciting with the Murrysville, PA ufo sightings by seeingufospa on youtube. Some keen eyed viewers discovered that Alison actually caught what appears to be a couple of greys peeking out from behind a tree. She was not aware of this as she filmed it nor was a fellow named Dan who was walking through the woods trying to find out what the lights were. I had to look at it a few times closely to see it but once I saw it I couldn’t believe I missed it. Look near the center of the video to the right of the lights in between 1:47 and 2:08 and you will see them. One actually appears to be walking away around 2:04-2:08. Can’t wait to see more from this. She is currently in the process of blowing up stills from the original HD video and should be posting it soon.

After watching this many times after I wrote this. It appears to me that there is one entity rather than two. But is still an amazing video in my opinion. The guy walking in the woods also has his own youtube channel with videos.

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